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A Complete Line Of Services To Manage Your Ecommerce Website

Running a small business these days is difficult.  It seems as business owners we have to produce more products or services on smaller budgets.  Many companies outsource work to other countries to save money.  This often becomes a HUGE headache.

At AEXO Marketing we can handle your data entry needs with efficiency and accuracy, and to top it off we have lots of experience with Ecommerce we are experts at SEO, which means that we know how to optimize each product description to its fullest potential.

We Can Handle All Of Your Ecommerce Marketing Needs



We can build a simple website to help you take donations online with ease.


Event Registration

We can build a website for your guests to register for your next event.  We can even set up an Ecommerce gateway to collect payments.


Merchant Accounts

We can set up your online store and handle all of your Ecommerce needs.

We Can Do It All

We know that setting up the initial list of products on your eCommerce site is labor-intensive and can be completely over whelming.  We have extensive experience with eCommerce-based businesses and offer a complete line of services to manage your eCommerce website.

Some of these services include:

Maintain product content for website Ecommerce catalog.

Developing and implementing marketing strategies for existing products, and new products, with the goal of increased product sales and profitability.

Creating, maintaining and marketing product listings on your website, Amazon, or other Internet marketplaces.

Advanced knowledge of the Amazon third party sales process, including listing products, marketing on Amazon and optimizing product listings on Amazon.

Support ongoing SKU maintenance for product content changes. Primary item changes include, image, description, product details, and size updates.

Writing creative, detailed and optimized product descriptions.

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