Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services Available

Even if we didn’t build your website, you can hire us to keep it up-to-date and optimized, make content changes, make sure that plugins are current and up to date, and manage everything else that comes along with keeping your website running smoothly and efficiently.

Some Of Our Services Include:

This list is not comprehensive, if you need help with anything related to your website or online marketing, just ask.

Manage Website Hosting

AEXO can handle any issues that need to be addressed with your Website Hosting Vendor, such as: updating domain records, changing WordPress permalinks, and testing for issues following any hosting updates.

Image / Photo Editing

AEXO can create any visuals that are required for the new content.  We will enhance the alt-tag descriptions and picture sizes.  One of the most important steps in web design is image optimization.  

Site Maps

A site map will be created, identifying the number of pages within a website as well as the description of the material on each individual page.  Next, AEXO will examine what needs to be updated and optimized for each web page.  We can include a Competitive Analysis that looks at the websites of competitors for content ideas.

Technical Seo

Google’s policies and algorithms are continually changing, prompting periodic technological adjustments to keep your website completely optimized.  The improvements that are required can be made to your website by AEXO, which is actively researching these standards.

Routine Site Checks

AEXO will perform diagnostic tests to help find any technical problems affecting your website.

Any Website Updates

AEXO can make changes and updates to the content of your website. We can add new pages, create landing pages for marketing campaigns, correct spelling and punctuation errors, and update all plugins/apps to bring your website up to speed.

Content Review

Depending on the Maintenance Plan, we evaluate one or more web pages each month for code and/or formatting issues.

Website Development

AEXO can make changes and updates to the content of your website.  We can add new pages to your website.  We can create Landing Pages for marketing campaigns and etc.

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